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Click on the link below to be taken to a comprehensive Long Island Bus route map. The route map contains most of the information you will need to plan your travel route between Manhattan to various destinations across Long Island.

To use the map, simply find the destination which you are aiming to get to and the location you are travelling from. The different routes between these locations will be shown with different coloured lines, and the number which is shown in a circle along the line is the number of the Long Island Bus service which runs along that route. Routes which are operated by other providers are shown in grey, and major intersections are also shown in boxes, which give details of connecting Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and New York City Subway lines which can be connected to at these stations.

For more information on the routes which you choose from the map, please visit our schedules page or our connections page, which gives details of where connections can be made between LI Bus services and LIRR along with the appropriate schedules for both.
Visit the official MTA Bus site at
www.mta.info/libus/ or call 516-542-0100
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